Googling people before you meet them

It's interesting to talk to people about the things they do in order to prepare for a meeting with someone they haven't met before or know very well.

A key step for a lot of people, including myself, is to do a Google search on that person to see what interesting facts you can dig up.

In recently joining the blogosphere, I thought it overdue to checkout what embarrassing stuff might be out there with my name on it. More importantly, what information is out there about me, that would assist a person prior to a meeting with me ?

Aside from the hundred's of wannabe social networking sites trying to sell me a profile, nothing scary popped up in my search. You would discover:
I'm not sure how much that would assist you in connecting with me in a meeting... maybe the flattery of you knowing my last presentation might ensure I take a more favourable disposition towards you ? Probably.

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