Audi R8 Coupe & Spyder

Following on from my suggestion on replacements for the current toy in 2011, the other half of the equation would need to be an Audi R8 (because I suspect I can't afford the '10 Mercedes Gullwing)

I was offered a test drive of the R8 coupe recently and didn't need to be asked twice! In true Audi fashion, the engine, gearbox and chassis are truly remarkable, especially with the magnetic ride... but it feels a little clinical in the cabin. It certainly lacked the 'wow' factor I get out of my current toy or something like a Ferrari F360 that I think comes from exposing some quirks that we then excuse by calling 'character'.

I assume the F360 and Audi R8 used car values will remain close considering performance and price - an '01 F1 shift F360 is approximately A$220-250k and the Audi R8 new is about A$310k on-road. I'd probably lean towards the Audi R8 over the F360 purely on quality aspects and the elegance of the R8 makes the Ferrari look positively showy.

Checking out the article and photos of the R8 Spyder, I'm not sure it would be my choice as you lose the side blades behind the door on the coupe.

You can download desktop wallpaper of the R8 from

Going to YouTube, there is some great reviews of the R8 from TopGear (which doesn't allow embedding of videos) and FifthGear:


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