Exceeding Dunbar's number on my social network sites

I am having to rethinking my 'friends' list on Facebook at the moment.

Presently I have 262 'friends'.

I've clearly exceeded Dunbar's Number - the supposed cognitive limit to the number of individuals with whom any one person can maintain stable social relationships: the kind of relationships that go with knowing who each person is and how each person relates socially to every other person - and it's bugging me.

It's bugging me because Facebook terms these contacts as 'friends'. What I'd love Facebook to provide is different types of contacts. Family, Friends, Friends of Friends, Work Colleagues, etc. I'll give Facebook their dues, you can slice up your privacy settings to achieve these results, but better grouping would allow you to more simply glance at who you invited to an event, sent an email to, etc

I think this limitation explains why on LinkedIn I have 351 'connections'.

'Connections'... a much better blanket term, but it doesn't solve my Facebook dilemma.


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