Who Moved My Cheese?

Back in December 2005, Adobe officially acquired Macromedia in a merger agreement. Whilst this was excellent news for customers and shareholders due to the product synergies this provided, the news for employees was less clear-cut, primarily due to all the stress that goes with a merger.

My journey was, frankly, the most traumatic experience of my adult life. My career that I'd been cultivating with Adobe for 3 years prior was completely changed. I moved from an Asia Pacific role reporting to a WW VP based at head-office who had decades of experience at companies like IBM and Peoplesoft, to a local country manager that had no previous experience of comparable requirement.

During this change, I dealt with it largely in my own way, and whilst I had fantastic support from my partner, I didn't really know how to compartmentalise problems at work with my home life.

Thankfully, the year's experience was valuable for my personal growth and my career with Adobe survived. In that year, I learned a lot about corporate culture (which I'll talk about when reviewing the book Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?) , communication with your partner and what you want in life (which I touched on when discussing my fitness program and I'll also cover more later), and dealing with change in general.

I was put on to Who Moved My Cheese? by a colleague at work AFTER I had already really started dealing with the issues mentioned above. :-) Oh well, it was brilliant anyway in providing a frame for the views I had developed.

It's a really short book (96 pages) by Dr Spencer Johnson, author of the One Minute Manager series, but don't let the size of the book fool you into thinking it doesn't have enough content. It is because the book is so succinct and to the point that it is relevant.

Who Moved My Cheese? is written in the style of a parable and describes change in one's work and life, and four typical reactions to said change with two mice, two "little people", and their hunts for cheese. Wikipedia has a pretty good outline.

Who Moved My Cheese? is definitely one of my recommendations for everyone's book shelf. Whilst I haven't quiet mastered the art of not reacting to my cheese being moved (I'll implore my partner not to add verbose comments to this statement!), thanks to the simple reminders in this book, I'm getting a little better.

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