Las Vegas & The Bellagio Hotel

After having spent 5 days in LA catching up with friends and generally lounging around, we drove to Las Vegas where we stayed at the Bellagio hotel. I will say that if you want a great deal on accommodation, the first week of December is a good time to be here (ie right after Thanksgiving), but the current economic situation has probably also had an impact.

Andreas will not be as happy about this hotel choice... the gym is run separately to the hotel and US$25 per person per visit is a bit steep in my books. :-(

Now, neither my partner or I are big gamblers, so we were here for the atmosphere and the Grand Canyon tour (more on that later).

The dining experience was interesting. The food was good to great in most places we went, but the service is what really distinguishes one place from another. We seemed to have a bias for classic French cuisine this week. For a view of the fountains show whilst enjoying a good meal, try Mon Ami Gabi's which is out front of the Paris Hotel or Eiffel Tower Restaurant which is above it.


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