Los Angeles & The London West Hollywood

Sorry for the gap in posting - we've been travelling on holidays since the 27th of November.

We flew from Sydney to Los Angeles with Qantas (thank you for the upgrade Qantas!) and stayed at The London West Hollywood. Normally we'd stay with friends, but everyone is completely flat-out with work at the moment so we felt checking into a hotel was the fairest decision for everyone (our friends would never say no, even if they really should!).

Let me say, the hotel was great. Aside from being located right near all our friends, which made catching up easy, the hotel room was brilliant, the gym had enough of the equipment we needed, the service was great, the rooftop pool was magnificent and the restaurant was great value.

I'd thoroughly recommend the hotel if you are visiting LA.


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At December 2, 2008 3:49 PM, Blogger Andreas Lundin said...

Hi there, Sound like a pretty good time... I just wanted to show my appreciation to the golden words in this entry... The gym had enough of the equipment we needed... Awsome. I am prod you n Drew have done as well as you have but exercising on the holiday is beyond that. Take care.


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