Nissan 370Z

Nissan have updated the venerable 350Z for 2009... to release the 370Z.

Aside from the marketing team's hard work on the name, it appears to be evolution rather than revolution for this Z car. That's a good thing as the tree-fiddy was one of the 'greats', up there with the MX5 for focus on it's purpose and price.

Autospies provide some commentary on the 0-100km/h times (0-60mph for those of you so inclined) here.

There appears to be a bit of Bangle (BMW) treatment on the headlights and taillights, but overall it looks quite 'now' without offending anyone. For the love of all things holy, I do hope they improve the looks of the convertible. The outgoing 350Z in convertible guise looks truly abominable and does everything possible to ruin the edgy looks of the coupe.

Below is the new promotional video for the all new Z car the Nissan 370Z. The video itself give you some nice shots of the interior and the exterior of the 370Z all to the tune to some Japanese techno:

The best news here is not necessarily this new car itself, but rather the buying opportunities for well looked after tree-fiddy's. No pressure James (you know who you are), but I expect one in the car park in 2009.

For a reminder of how good the tree-fiddy is/was, check out the Fifth Gear review:


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