San Francisco & the Kensington Park Hotel

Well, I love San Francisco, so I'll separate our SF experience this time from the hotel choice.

Let me set the scene: we're coming from Las Vegas and we want to spend the weekend someone other than Vegas (we don't gamble). We have to be in San Jose on the Sunday for Adobe's annual World-Wide Sales Conference. So we decide to spend the Thursday-Saturday nights in SF.

Problem: conference in town on the Friday and Saturday at the Moscone Center (the 50th Annual ASH Meeting & Expo is sponsored by the American Society of Hematology in case you were wondering) which means finding a hotel room around Union Square is next to impossible.

After some research by my trusty Virtual Assistant found us a room at the Kensington Park Hotel. The hotel is okay, nothing outstanding, nothing terrible... but the room rate changed how we rated it.

For US$400 per night, I expect quite a bit and it doesn't deliver. The rooms and the experience couldn't be further from the one we had at the London West Hollywood in LA.

Oh well, at least we were in town which cut down on our travel times and costs... the glass half-full, right?

PS - the room picture below must have been taken with a very wide-angle lens!


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