Virgin America

Well, I must say, I went into the flight from Vegas to San Francisco with mixed feelings.

I have such a low opinion of American airlines (not AA specifically, but all airlines) so that weighed down on expectations, but at the same time I really bought into Virgin America's (VA) marketing so that lifted my expectations a little.

And you know what? They really delivered!

The boarding process was on time and the planes are new Airbus A319's - which means the seats are wider than the Boeing 737's used by other airlines - and VA has put together a great product. I'm tall and usually wedge my knees between the seats in front for the duration of the flight. Not here - the seats had a decent amount of leg-room, so I can forgive VA for charging more for the exit row seats (a trick I usually try at check-in to get economy class seats with more room).

I'm not sure if our experience was limited to the short Vegas to San Francisco leg. Write to me if you've got feedback from another sector. I guess the true test would be flights from/to Los Angeles - possibly the worst airport in the world.

Another point: one example doesn't make a trend, so I suppose more sampling would need to take place before I would make any firm recommendations, but so far, they are looking good.

Give them a go yourself - I will for my next trip on routes they service.


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