Timing is everything

Continuing from my blog about the book The 4-Hour Workweek, I'm known to be in the habit of saying: Timing is everything.

I picked up this view with respects to sales, but it applies to so much of what we do.

Tim outlines in his book, "when you ask for something often has a bigger impact than what you ask for".

Think about how this applies to:
I think the big challenge for a lot of people when dealing with timing, is that it really requires you to be thinking about the bigger picture and other people i.e. not yourself.

Searching high and low for the right terminology here was challenging. I went past sapience, consciousness, self-awareness, conscientiousness and settled at empathic. Being empathic means being able put yourself in the other person's shoes (not literally please), but don't confuse being empathic with sympathetic (the former is awareness where the later involves having a positive reaction).

Of course, the counterpoint to "timing is everything" is that "the timing is never right".

I hope you enjoy mulling over the yin and yang of timing. Next time you need to ask for something from someone, take some time to think how timing plays a role in getting the result you want.

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