Fitness update #3

It's perhaps overdue to provide an update on the progress on my fitness program that I embarked upon last June.

My last DEXA scan was done before leaving on holidays on Nov 27th. The results were good - body fat is down to 21% which is good progress from October '08's scan of 24% and June 08's scan of 30%. At the same time, muscle mass is up indicating I've made progress in both directions.

December was very much a 'treading water' month with holidays, work travel, Christmas and New Years celebrations making it hard to maintain the gym schedule... so I haven't had a scan since as I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have changed much.

In a move to break past the current barrier, both from a results perspective as well as the mental one, I've enlisted Andreas' help three times a week. An added side benefit is the exercises will stick in my mind better by training all three with him each week - for those of you that have used a trainer you'll know you often spend the session just trying to do what you are told and sometimes forget the details of the exercise as written in your diary.

Interestingly, I was reading this Men's Health article, that said:
"Looking good can help you land a better job and a better mate. In a recent study, researchers at Yale University found that a significant bias against overweight people--stereotyping them as lazy, less valuable, and less intelligent--exists even among health professionals whose careers emphasize obesity research. So imagine what that Fortune 500 HR specialist thinks."
Hopefully that will help me with my current job search! ;-)


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