0-60 champions!

For the petrol heads out there, checkout the article 0-60 champions! on AutoExpress.

For those of us on the metric system, this is the famed 0-100km/h time - a benchmark test that all car nuts use to to measure the size of their... um... car's performance.

What is interesting is that they have taken cars from different classes including the Telsa (from the electric class) and the Mercedes ML63 (from the SUV class), and in doing so have given you six different ways to go fast.

I must confess: I have a secret yearning for the ML63. I know this puts me in the eco-terrorist zone but I can't help it! For some reason, the BMW X5M just doesn't do it for me like the ML63 does. To see what I mean, checkout the Fifth Gear video on YouTube below.


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