Fitness update #4

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In my last update I mentioned I'd enlisted Andreas' help three times a week during February, partly because I wanted to improve my workout intensity but also because I had some time on my hands.

This weeks DEXA scan wasn't exactly great news (21.8% body fat - increases of 500g fat and 900g lean muscle) as body fat had increased since November. However, a few things need to be factored in: I did almost no training in Dec and holiday season probably added a bit to the waistline. Interestingly, Andreas commented that I had probably also lost a fair amount of lean muscle mass due to the lack of training and in combination with my inferior 'muscle memory' (in the alternative context). So, I'm not upset and I can honestly feel the difference in last month's efforts.

So, checking back on the original goals of my fitness program started 9 months ago:
  1. I've lost most of the bad weight (i.e. fat) but would be happy with a little more and getting it under 20%;
  2. I can fit into all my old clothes again; and
  3. Once we figured out I was eating too little food, I have a lot more energy during the day.

The single comment I'd make to anyone else (which should be everyone) thinking of going to the gym: spending money on a trainer is money well spent. The business equivalent is hiring someone with the right skills for the task - you get the benefits of their years of experience from the get-go. You'll avoid injuring yourself (I'm sure you can justify an ROI for a trainer just by calculating your time off work and physio costs!) and you'll have the confidence to make this a permanent change to your life.


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