Mercedes SLK Gullwing?

The news of the SLK replacement having a "gullwing" variant seems a little strange in the current economic climate. I would have thought Mercedes would be attempting to streamline manufacturing costs where possible? Interestingly, Audi aren't reporting much of a dent in their sales of the imminent R8 V10.

Regardless, the news of the SLK Gullwing comes via WorldCarFans, AutoExpress and AutoSpies.

They all suggest this car will slot under the SLC and the SL, at the top of the SLK model line up. Additionally, they are indicating this will be a hybrid car.

The baby Gullwing is still some way off yet, though. It’s likely that the new SLK range will go on sale in 2011, with this flagship version arriving in 2012.

I'm not sure I would swap my hard-top convertible for the Gullwing, but the new design is looking very sexy indeed. News suggests the availability of a folding glass roof for the first time. Nice!

Now all we need is news of some obscenely large and powerful AMG variant. :-)


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