Old Pacific Highway

Whilst it doesn't really compare with Top Gear's challenge to find driving heaven, I managed to get my car out again last weekend for a drive around the old Pacific Highway.

As I mentioned previously, just North of Sydney, there are some great roads to take the car out on. This time I choose the Old Pacific Highway as it is pretty quick for me to get to and from.

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The great news for drivers is that the section from Berowra through to the Hawkesbury River (see map below) is being repaved and is still mostly an 80km/h zone.

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The good/bad news is that the section from the Hawkesbury River through to the Calga Interchange has been resurfaced... but is now a 60km/h zone. :-(

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I would estimate that on this road with my car I could easily do between 40km/h in the tight corners and 120km/h+ on the straights. This task is made a lot safer with sat nav. A quick look at the upcoming turns before going into them help you make far better judgement calls on speed going into the turn.

The Calga Interchange up to the Somersby industrial estate is a great stretch of road. It is a 60km/h zone but with the exception of a few places, you'll want to keep an eye on your speed entering corners. On a few occasions leaving the valley heading up to Somersby, I had to add a lot more braking to avoid pushing wide.

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Checkout these YouTube videos of the stretch of road I'm referring to:

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