2009 Nissan 370Z vs 2008 Porsche Cayman S

I read the Road & Track article on the 2009 Nissan 370Z vs 2008 Porsche Cayman S with both interest and frustration.

Please read the review first before reading my commentary as it will be a TOTAL plot spoiler.

Let me start with the frustration angle. What the heck does Porsche have over most motoring journo's? Photos of them playing golf with Satan? It seems every time a journo gets into a Porsche, they go to mush.

Allow me to elaborate. As stated in the second paragraph of the article "the parameters were simple but the task was anything but easy: engineer a competitive car and do it for half the price". Thankfully Road & Track do find the 370Z wins over the Cayman on that basis but their recommendation is frankly pretty weak and finishes with praise for the Porsche.

Now, moving to the more positive interest angles.

I've blogged about both the 370Z and the facelifted Cayman/Boxster facelift because they are both fun cars in different price points.

As I mentioned in the Cayman/Boxster blog, I had considered driving the pre-facelifted Cayman as an alternative to the SLK that I eventually purchased, but had been disappointed on a few fronts - only one of which Porsche partially addressed in their facelift (the gearbox). On the price-point front, Road & Track rightfully praise the 370Z's option list. I can't tell you how horrified I was when I priced up a Cayman S with the options (which were standard on the Merc) I wanted. $5k for sat nav in 2008 - are you kidding me or do you think I'm stupid?

There is no doubt that if you have A$150-200k to spend on a new sports car, the Porsche's (Boxster/Cayman) have to be on your short list. They are undoubtedly great cars, even if they aren't THE car for you.

Let me finish with Jeremy's review of the Porsche Boxster vs the SLK55 AMG. His comment on the Boxster really did resonate with me whilst test driving the Cayman... "The only reason why you would buy one of these, is because you can't afford a 911. So all you're doing as you drive around is advertising the fact your life hasn't quite worked out quite as well as you'd been hoping". :-) I guess you could say that of the SLK vs SL... but I won't because I think they are two cars with truly different purposes. Annoyingly, TopGear don't have this episode on their YouTube channel and Part 2 below finished before they go back to the studio and Jeremy concludes that he'd take the Merc over the Porsche due to the 'fun factor'.

Part 1:

Updated 20th June 2009

Since at the time of writing this entry, Top Gear episodes on You Tube went from being 'less' copyright friendly to 'more', with BBC posting their content on You Tube. They've also now enabled embedding - yay! As such, I've updated the originally posted videos that were removed, with the ones below. Enjoy.

"Part 2"


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