2010 Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Road & Track provide some great details on Aston's new V12 Vantage.

A friend bought a V8 Vantage when they were first release, and I must say, they are a dead sexy car with a well designed interior and exhaust note that will have you craving more. There were only two downsides I perceived for this car to be the one for me:
  1. The manual is great but the auto/tiptronic is below par - given the city driving I do, that wasn't going to do; and
  2. The engine is good and makes a tonne of noise... but then you realise you aren't accelerating nearly as much as you think. On a drive, my SLK350 that I had at the time easily sat on the V8's tail the whole trip (with the odd long straight where the Aston pulled away being the exception).
Whilst I think the V12 might be a little overkill for the power increase desired, it would certainly make this a stunningly fun car to drive!

Checkout the sound of the V8 here:


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