There is No Delete Button on the Web

I read the article The Unforeseen Consequences of the Social Web on ReadWriteWeb with interest.

Of particular note was the point that there is no delete button for content - it's all cached and stored. Lidija Davis makes the point that "...although the information you put out on the Web may seem insignificant today, you have to ask the question of whether it will be insignificant tomorrow, or in five years when you need to apply for college or seek new employment".

I've posted commentary on this issue before and you'll enjoy how Peter Shankman recently discovered a seemingly off-the-cuff Tweet by James Andrews, an executive of Ketchum New York.

The bottom line is that social media has made it easy for us to tell the world what is going on in our lives and inside our head, but as always, you need to think carefully about what you do and say because you can no longer choose who is going to read about it.

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