SAP accounces recipients of the Pinnacle Awards 2009

On May 12th, SAP announced the recipients of the Pinnacle Awards 2009 for partner excellence.

I'm proud that the efforts of the Adobe Asia Pacific team in 2008, were recognised in Adobe winning "Regional Software Solutions Partner of the Year - APJ".

Whilst I'm no longer with Adobe, having left on Jan 31st 2009, I had the opportunity to lead the SAP sales business for Adobe in Asia Pacific during that period and I can tell you that the teams at SAP and Adobe in each office locally, regionally and globally pulled together to execute seamlessly.

A few shout-outs I'd like to make for those that deserve thanks for that award:

Getting two software companies to work together successfully isn't as easy as it would seem on paper. In fact, any alliance will be fraught with challenges from both within and externally. I'll take a crack at the topic of "the pitfalls of alliances" in my next blog.

Having now joined Open Text on May 1 2009, I'm looking forward to the challenge of winning that award again next year. :-)

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