Hayman Island

Recently we headed off to Hayman Island for a break.

Hayman is a bit of a favourite for us and we've been a number of times: by ourselves, with work and this time with friends.

One small gripe was the price of airfares to Hamilton Island (try $1300 for two people!) and Hamilton Island airport (60 minute queue to check in to the Sydney flight!) but the rest of the experience was awesome as usual.

One of my biggest challenges is that I don't 'relax' particularly well by other people's standards, but what most people don't appreciate is that I relax by doing something that is going through my mind and having completed it.

This time I spent most of the time with a book and a Sun Paradise cocktail... probably largely due to the fact that Vodafone subscribers have no coverage on the island - only Telstra and Optus provide partial coverage.

We are big fans of the Pool Access rooms as your balcony has direct access to the pool, but if your budget stretches a bit further, the Beach Villa looks pretty cool!

If relaxation is your plan, I highly recommend the hot stone massage, hopping on a speedboat to nearby Langford Island/Reef and taking in the sun, or heading up to the Great Barrier Reef for some snorkeling or a helicopter tour over heart reef.

I can't say I'm a fan of the restaurants. You are on an island so when it comes for charging for anything, you are a captive consumer so the price reflect that. We tried something new this time and it was definitely something I'd recommend to anyone: book a private cabana - it was far more enjoyable.

If you haven't been to Hayman, do yourself a favour and go chill out there for a few days.


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