I think the R8 Spyder is a dud

Sadly, the Audi R8 Spyder has moved from concept to barely disguised prototypes and into production.

I say sadly because as I pondered in July, I don't like the look of it that much and I definitely know why: the sideblades are missing and the the "twin vented flying buttresses" don't make up for it.

It's probably smart for Audi only to have this available in the V10 version - initially. I'd suggest the revenue opportunity in 1-2 years time to drop the V8 in and sell more cars will be overwhelming.

Checkout the AutoExpress photos and make up your own mind. I'm pretty certain it isn't just the hideous colour shown as the Frankfurt Motorshow pics by CAR of it in red are better, but it doesn't make it look special.


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