Dead cat bounce?

Checkout Wikipedia for the origins of the saying dead cat bounce.

It's way too early for us to say the car industry has recovered from the GFC, but the signs are looking good for Ford.

Recently they posted a profit - their first in over two years - for their 3rd quarter 2009.

I blogged back in Carmageddon '09 that I thought Ford was going to come out the other side pretty nicely and mostly due to Alan Mullaly's leadership. It seems like many people agree, including Automobile Magazine who named him 2010 Man of the Year. Hopefully this isn't a flash in the pan for Ford and they can manage their debt load in the coming years - continuing actions like the sale of Volvo to Geely will help.

On a lighter note, Jon Stewart takes a look at a sector of the industry that the stimulus packages didn't help:

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