I Know You Got Soul

I was recently in Melbourne airport with 5mins before boarding a flight back to Sydney, when, with my iPhone battery at less than 10% charge, it was apparent I wasn't going to get 1hr of Sudoku in.

Not being much of a newspaper reader on planes (are there lesson's on how to read & fold those things in an aircraft seat without taking out the person in the seat next to you?), nor a fan of Qantas In-Flight news, I moved quickly to Plan B: buy a book.

Admittedly, after a quick glance the shelf and seeing a lot of HEAVY topics, I grabbed the bright yellow Clarkson book, but unfairly judged this book by it's cover. I assumed it would be a reasonably mindless and easy read - and that would be that.

The book's premise is about Jeremy's love of machines, that, through human-like quirks & flaws, have soul.

My mind changed pretty quickly as the book opens with a tribute to a plane that I love: Concorde. Jeremy sums it up brilliantly: "Normally when a plane goes down we mourn for the people on board, but on this occasion I found myself mourning, most of all, the death of the machine".

The book really hit the mark with me as I'm a huge fan of Jeremy's style, humour and controversial barbs. It was an obvious "done deal" that I enjoyed this book given the soft spot I have for a lot of the machines on his list.

To best finish this blog and demonstrate my love of the machine that was credited with being the inspiration for this book, I'll leave you with my favourite tribute to Concorde : Thank you for 27 supersonic years.

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