TimeSvr - Part 2

Back in September, I wrote about a Virtual Assistant service called TimeSvr.

I had signed up for a trial of their beta service, but then promptly didn't get around to using it.

They subsequently went live and announced their pricing:
"Due to our innovative on-demand model, and the dynamics of offshoring, a Personal Assistant is finally an affordable luxury for busy professionals. Currently TimeSvr offers a 3 day free trial for its Personal service, which provides unlimited basic tasks and up to 30 minutes of complex tasks per day, for only $59 per month. TimeSvr Dedicated service allows companies and individuals to buy chunks of Aide time, starting at $6/hour or $900 monthly for a full time Aide."

Going back to sign-up for their live service, I'm back in a holding pattern as:
"Due to overwhelming demand, and in order to maintain our high standards of service, we've temporarily disabled new signups. Please leave us your contact information and we'll get to you as soon as we can."


So, reached out to Your Man In India as recommended in the book The 4-Hour Workweek.

Then, subsequently TimeSvr came back with a spot... so now I have two V.A.s on trial this week... I'll report back shortly on who wins round 1 of the knockdown.


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