Toyota Prius vs BMW M3

Back in September, I wrote about electric cars and declined to ramble on about the complete snow job Toyota and the press have pulled on the public regarding the Prius as "eco-friendly"... so I will take the opportunity now to do so. :-)

I simply despise the pious Prius followers. Having driven a Hertz rental Prius in Melbourne, it goes straight into the "fridge with wheels" handling category - it's not bad, it's just so mundane. So, aside from the "let's see what high score I can get" on fuel saving video game on the center console, the only draw card the Prius has is it's eco-credentials.

Jeremy attacks that argument when he pits a BMW M3 against the Prius around the track and hits the nail on the head: "it's not what you drive that matters, it's how you drive it".

Updated 20th June 2009

Since at the time of writing this entry, Top Gear episodes on You Tube went from being 'less' copyright friendly to 'more', with BBC posting their content on You Tube. They've also now enabled embedding - yay! As such, I've updated the originally posted videos that were removed, with the ones below. Enjoy.

"Prius More Environmentally Damaging Than BMW M3"


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