SAP World Tour 2008

On November 5th I had the good fortune to attend the SAP World Tour 2008 event in Sydney.

This years event was designed for small to medium sized businesses, which was both relevant to me for my directorship with Enflexion (a small web software business founded and managed by my partner) and my job at Adobe managing what we call "a start up business within an established organisation".

Don't be fooled by the agenda posted on the SAP events site: there were no demos or specifics about technology at all - it was all about managing a business for growth in today's climate.

Dr. Jana Matthews, founder and CEO of The Jana Matthews Group, was the keynote speaker and I think the framework she presented for thinking during the various stages of business growth was simple yet powerful.

I particularly liked Jana's comment when asked "how to motivate employees in this climate". Her response was "I don't see a manager's role to motivate employees, rather, the manager's role is to hire motivated people and then try not to demotivate them whilst managing them".

I believe the tour is almost over (checkout the remaining cities & dates here), but you if you are in locations like Tokyo, San Jose, etc, I'd encourage you to go along to hear the speakers perspective on growing a small to medium business in this economic climate.

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