The Spiral

Unless you are a President, Prime Minister, Treasure Secretary, etc, you are probably as resigned to the sidelines of the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) as I am.

I learned a while back to focus on the things I can change and try to make sense of the stuff I can't. Soon after that, I discovered finding the humour in it was even better than making sense of it! :-)

Going Private has posted these hilarious clips, merging the images from the movie Downfall with a plot from the GFC into a 9-part (so far) series. It's kind of like a "what might have happened if Hitler was running an ailing financial services firm in the current climate".

I was going to attempt a disclaimer to ensure readers don't get confused as to what I find amusing about this series... but to do so would have been to assume you were either a humourless git or a 3 year old. :-)

Check them out on YouTube:

The Spiral - Part I - Those Vultures

The Spiral - Part II - Managing Directors Everywhere

The Spiral - Part III - On Stage

The Spiral - Part IV - Liquidation

The Spiral - Part V - The Board

The Spiral - Part VI - Crescendo Partners

The Spiral - Part VII - The Kitchen

The Spiral - Part VIII - Jet A

The Spiral - Part IX - Paulson

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