I Know You Got Soul

I was recently in Melbourne airport with 5mins before boarding a flight back to Sydney, when, with my iPhone battery at less than 10% charge, it was apparent I wasn't going to get 1hr of Sudoku in.

Not being much of a newspaper reader on planes (are there lesson's on how to read & fold those things in an aircraft seat without taking out the person in the seat next to you?), nor a fan of Qantas In-Flight news, I moved quickly to Plan B: buy a book.

Admittedly, after a quick glance the shelf and seeing a lot of HEAVY topics, I grabbed the bright yellow Clarkson book, but unfairly judged this book by it's cover. I assumed it would be a reasonably mindless and easy read - and that would be that.

The book's premise is about Jeremy's love of machines, that, through human-like quirks & flaws, have soul.

My mind changed pretty quickly as the book opens with a tribute to a plane that I love: Concorde. Jeremy sums it up brilliantly: "Normally when a plane goes down we mourn for the people on board, but on this occasion I found myself mourning, most of all, the death of the machine".

The book really hit the mark with me as I'm a huge fan of Jeremy's style, humour and controversial barbs. It was an obvious "done deal" that I enjoyed this book given the soft spot I have for a lot of the machines on his list.

To best finish this blog and demonstrate my love of the machine that was credited with being the inspiration for this book, I'll leave you with my favourite tribute to Concorde : Thank you for 27 supersonic years.

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Googling people before you meet them

It's interesting to talk to people about the things they do in order to prepare for a meeting with someone they haven't met before or know very well.

A key step for a lot of people, including myself, is to do a Google search on that person to see what interesting facts you can dig up.

In recently joining the blogosphere, I thought it overdue to checkout what embarrassing stuff might be out there with my name on it. More importantly, what information is out there about me, that would assist a person prior to a meeting with me ?

Aside from the hundred's of wannabe social networking sites trying to sell me a profile, nothing scary popped up in my search. You would discover:
I'm not sure how much that would assist you in connecting with me in a meeting... maybe the flattery of you knowing my last presentation might ensure I take a more favourable disposition towards you ? Probably.

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My professional history is online for all to see on my LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn has become THE professional social networking site in the same vain that Facebook has become THE personal networking site. (A small request: please don't add me to either of your connections or friends unless you actually know me. Mmm, there's a thought for another blog).

It's funny, I can't remember when either became THE site, either for me personally or for others. I suspect in both cases, I was behind the curve - my partner frequently reminds me I'm not generally an early adopter of technology.

For example, I didn't get an iPod until 2005 and even then it was only for two limited uses: the gym and the car. According to THE source of all truth on the internets, Wikipedia, the iPod was released in 2001 and I didn't adopt until the forth generation device (which died just out of warranty and drove my rapid upgrade to the fifth generation device).

However, a look at the iPod's quarterly sales tells a different story about my technology adoption (yes, I'm am a 'sales person' professionally so I'm probably showing my spots here by using any available data to support the case I want to make). The data shows that in 2005 Q1, when I bought my first iPod, Apple recorded approximately 5 million unit sales - well up on any of their previous quarters and over 100% on their 2004 Q4 sales.

I'd suggest that 2005 Q1 was the iPod's "tipping point", which would put me somewhere between a visionary (early adopters) and a pragmatist (early majority). I can live with that.

Interestingly, and in text book style, for all my technology adoption decisions, I would say the defining moment for my decision is the fact that I can integrate it into my life without experiencing or needing a dramatic change. For the iPod, I joined the bandwagon when it clearly evolved to be the de facto standard for digital music players and I knew the risk of me choosing a device that was incompatible with other's choice, was low. A good example of that was the car connectivity offered by most manufacturers for the iPod.

For LinkedIn, it was a combination of a compelling event on my part and compelling events on other's part. I changed employment and the ability to keep everyone updated of my whereabouts without any real effort on my part was enough for me to get on that bandwagon. It seems this was true of most members of LinkedIn and the tipping point was breached.

It does make we wonder when the next subtle innovation will sneak up and wriggle it's way into my life.

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The Tipping Point

There are a few "must read" books for individuals operating in technology companies, and there are two by Malcolm Gladwell: Tipping Point and Blink.

I'll cover Blink another day.

Tipping Point focuses on how little changes can take a small scale trend and turn it into a massive trend. Whilst the book focuses on how change happens, it dovetail's nicely with Geoffrey Moore's "Crossing the Chasm", another "must read" (in fact, Amazon recommend them "better together") for how to move a product across the chasm.

In my post-reading research, I came across this excellent review by Logical Philosopher. It summarise the key points better than I could in words. So I'll leave it at that. :-)

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It begins

After a year of talking about it, I have joined the millions of people in the blogosphere.

What were my motivations?
Was it to feed my healthy ego and carve out my niche on the internets?
Was it to share something I recently learned in something I recently read?
Was it to bore people endlessly with my love of cars?

I think the answer is: "D, all of the above".


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