I caught up with all the BMW Z4 news via BMW Blog and AutoSpies.

It will officially be named "BMW Z4 sDrive35i", which (I think) stands for “rear wheel drive 3.5L injection”. Someone in marketing needs a beating for that naming system that actually doesn't name the car (see the 3.0L engine details below)!

Aside from the name, the first piece of news is the new Z4 is the first BMW Z Series to carry a hardtop convertible, following in the 3-series lead. Unlike the fat-bummed 3-series convertible, it looks like they've pulled it off nicely on the new Z4.

I'm not sure about the statements that it is "a tour de force of styling, technology and performance". Excuse my bluntness, but it is essentially a face-lift car. How bold can you be? In fact, it looks like they've rounded out the edges of the old Z4... the same edges that I loved on the old Z4.

iDrive makes an appearance in cars equipped with navigation (which you'd expect to be standard these days) along with a new 7-speed double clutch transmission (DCT). The 7-Speed DCT will likely shift faster than the traditional manual transmission making this, combined with the 3.0L twin turbo inline-6 (the 3.5L named vehicle) a real performer!

For more pictures, see WorldCarFans gallery.


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