Microsoft is racing Apple to multi-touch

An April fools post? Actually, no.

It's interesting to read up on the latest developments regarding the new frontier of human-computer interaction (HCI): multi-touch.

The VentureBeat article With a big N-trig investment, Microsoft is racing Apple to multi-touch outlines Microsoft's investment in this technology and been taking the lead on multi-touch from a computing perspective.

Multi-touch is a term used for touchscreens that can recognize multiple contact points at once on the same screen. This feature has been made popular by the Apple iPhone.

As the FastCompany article Microsoft's Surface 2.0-aka SecondLight-Due in Two Years outlines, this goes beyond just detecting multi-touch gestural inputs when users prod the screen, it detects and reacts to "mid-air" gestural controls, without anyone needing to touch anything.

Taking that theme even further is Samsung's work discussed at another FastCompany article Samsung Shows One Future For Touchscreen Cellphones: Alphabet Gestures. Samsung bring us programmable gestures for people to personalise how they want to interact with their phone's features.

Finally, ReadWriteWeb gives us a wider insight into what's coming down the pike in The Future of Touch.

This will all spawn new ways in which we interact with information and really deliver on the vision portrayed in the 2002 Spielberg movie Minority Report. Very cool !


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