More BMW Z4

I've blogged about the latest BMW Z4 previously, but I thought this first drive and video collection to be worthwhile sharing.

The quality definitely seems to be improved over the previous Z4 and the 3.5 liter turbo engine combined with the double-clutch transmission would make it a real performer.
"BMW claims the sDrive35i with the seven-speed auto-shifter will sprint from zero to 60 mph in 5 seconds flat (5.1 seconds with the manual transmission). We're confident those figures are a little conservative, but they still line up favorably (exactly, in fact) with the last Z4 M Roadster we tested as well as running just a tenth behind the V8-powered Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG."

Would it be a contender to replace my SLK55 ? I think no for three reasons:
  1. It's slightly slower;
  2. I've fallen in love with V8's with their power available at almost any rev, and
  3. It's a BMW... and I'm not a BMW person. :-)

2009 BMW Z4 New Videos from BMW Blog on Vimeo.


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