XFR vs M5 & XKR vs GranTurismo S

Following on from my blog on the Jaguar XFR, AutoExpress give us a double-barrelled review of the XFR vs M5 & XKR vs GranTurismo S.

They make calls I think I'd make: the XFR over the M5 and the GranTurismo S over the XKR.

I would have gone for the GranTurismo (no S) if I was shopping as it sounds like more of an all-rounder. I also don't get the XK/XKR because I can't see the point of those rear seats (ie they are too small to be of real use). My line of thinking goes: if you want a sports car, get a 2-seater; if you need a 4-seater, get one that actually fits 4 people comfortably.

I do like the updates Jag have done on the XK/XKR... the new engine, the new front/rear tweaks and the interior refresh were all previously 'deal breakers' for me.


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