Ferrari F450

According to AutoExpress, this is the Ferrari F450 (codenamed F142) - the replacement for the F430.

Apparently, "the new car will get a larger 4.5-litre V8 engine – hence the name – putting out around 500bhp thanks to modified mechanicals including a higher rev limit".

It's also a good bet that this engine will be connected to the double-clutch gearbox, also found on the brand new Ferrari California.

I would buy an F430 Spider any day of the week (if my bank balance afforded it... and in the middle of the GFC, has 14 F430 Spider's for sale right now!) but this looks even sexier! There are very strong hints of the McLaren F1 in this car, particularly the rear haunches.

Honey, we're going to have to mortgage the house so I can buy one. :-)


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