Lotus Esprit

It thankfully sounds like Lotus is continuing their product release. Following on from the Evora, next in line is the reincarnated Esprit.

AutoCar report that both a coupe and convertible are in the works.

Motor Authority reports on the power being sourced from Toyota (Lexus) and that makes a lot of sense given their past Toyota alliance. They suggest that "the 500hp (373kW) V10 engine, which is set to debut in the Lexus LF-A supercar next year, would likely be reserved for a range-topping model, while a mid-spec model would get the IS-F’s 420hp (312kW) V8 and an entry-level model would pick up a 300hp (225kW) version of the 3.5L Toyota V6 from the Evora." Sounds fantastic!

I have to say the renderings look fantastic - especially the convertible below.

I had looked at buying the V8 Esprit back in the late '90s. In the end I just didn't want the high-cost of running the beast... but it was tempting (the example I looked at was in great condition and a bargain price) and remains a dead-sexy car!

Fifth Gear did an amusing 200mph project with an Esprit S4S. Check it out here:


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