The Art of Profitability

I first read The Art of Profitability by Adrian Slywotzky almost 6 years ago, but I've picked it up recently to re-read again.

The book takes the form of a relationship between a wise mentor, David Zhao, and an eager student, Steve Gardner, to take the reader through the process of understanding the different models. In essence, the reader becomes Steve in his quest to understand the profit models.

The book is aimed at describing and giving insight into each model; it is not an in depth analysis of profitability. Having said that, this book definitely is to understanding profit models as what: Blink is to thinking, Tipping Point is to social change, Crossing the Chasm is to technology adoption, First, Break all the Rules is to people management, and Winning is to business management.

The author cautions readers to "please read only one chapter per week... Think about it. Let it stew." His advice, centered around the mantra that the path to profitability lies in fully understanding the customer, is valuable i.e. watch out for cracks in a business's foundation because they can quickly lead to a collapse.

A must read.

Checkout the book excerpt at Business Know How and an interview with Adrian at Harbus .

I've also uploaded my notes on the 23 profit models here.


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