Porsche Spyder

I'd have thought Porsche were done having stretched their brand to include the Cayenne and the Panamera, but according to Auto Express and WorldCarFans, they are still going - this time with plans to slot in a baby Boxster called the Spyder.

Maybe I'm completely off base when I suggest that having stretched the brand already, going further down-market is really going to test the capacity of 911 owners to buy into the brand.

It would likely be built on the VW platform that underpins the Bluesport and the rumoured Audi R2, so it's more than likely this car will get produced. But the renderings of the Porsche don't look as sexy as the VW or Audi. Hmmm.

On the plus side, an MX-5 competitor with a Porsche badge would be great for those without the money to go for a 911 or Boxster.


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