The Evil Empire?

Cue Star Wars Evil Empire theme music (or listen to it here).

Reading the news in July that Apple Rejects Google Voice App, I can't help but smile at the battle of wills between these two tech titans. Apple's resurgence as a player in the tech industry is nothing short of inspiring. Google's ascendancy humbled the previously dominant Microsoft - so much so that Microsoft is having to reinvent itself in a way Apple never did, in order to continue to be a leader in the new world order.

Apple's woes prior to Steve Job's return, in my opinion, were more about execution and having a product portfolio that people covet. Microsoft's woes are more fundamental - the business model that served them so well for so long, has been been challenged by Google's beta-software-as-a-service-paid-for-with-advertising model.

According to Apple's website, they haven't rejected GoogleVoice, but continue to study it. Apple also explain their reasoning quite thoroughly and reasonably: the app alters their interface and bypasses the voice networks of the carriers that sell it.

So which one is the Evil Empire?

My partner makes a good point: to be the Evil Empire, you'd have to make products that don't work well and use your market dominance to force feed them to the masses... like Microsoft does/did. Apple and Google currently make products that work.

What will be interesting is whether consumer groups will be able to force carriers to obey broadband rules that force ISPs to let users run whatever applications they want.

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