Driving South out of Sydney & Sea Cliff Bridge

I've blogged quite a bit about driving north out of Sydney, so thought I'd share some great drives south out of Sydney.

Getting out of Sydney is the boring bit - especially in traffic. I recommend the faster route possible by taking the M5 then Heathcote Rd then the Princes Hwy to get down to Stanwell Tops.

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Once down at Stanwell Tops, Lawrence Hargrave Drive down to Clifton is a fun stretch of road if you don't have Sunday drivers in front of you. It's definitely a better drive north (uphill and the accelerator) than south (downhill on the brakes).

The Sea Cliff Bridge near Clifton is pretty impressive, in fact it has been featured in a joint 2007 Ferrari/Shell Fuel television advert that was shown in many countries around the world including Australia. The television advert featured a Ferrari Formula 1 car being driven along the bridge at high speed. This was one of many times the bridge has been used in a television advert.


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