Passat CC

If you I were looking for a 4-5 seater car (as it is sometimes a topic of debate in a 2-seater car only household), I came to the conclusion in What a dilemma, that the cabriolets on the market don't really offer a true option for carrying 4 adults.

Given I think big SUVs are a bit of a waste of space (despite having a crush on the X6), that would generally leave you looking back at big coupes such as the GranTurismo, or sedans such as the Rapide, Panamera, A8 or M5.

But then you are back to compromises - ditching the 2-seater roadster for a performance sedan is a backwards step for driving enthusiasts no matter how you look at it.

So I got to thinking, why not keep the hot car and get a sensible sedan that doesn't cost over $50k, but is still 'sexy'?

Which brings me to the Volkswagen Passat CC.

The pick would be the 3.6l V6 which retails for about A$63-77k, depending on what options you tick, but a 1 year old (as they weren't available in Australia before that) goes for about $50k according to RedBook.

It puts out 220kw and has 350Nm's of torque which is similar to the SLK350 I owned and has the Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG).

It is previously only a 4-seater, but according to eMotorAuto will shortly be available with an optional new rear bench that turns it into a 5-seater.

Checkout FifthGear putting it through it's paces against the Coupe/Sedan market-maker: the Mercedes CLS.


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