Top Gear's new 'best road in the world' is the Transfagarasan

In the same vein as the Top Gear Challenge to Find Driving Heaven, and Supercars and a Super-Bridge, the Top Gear grew head over to Romania to drive the Transfagarasan.

Looks like another road I'll need to add to the list :-)

To the road, they bring two cars I'd love to own: the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder LP560-4 and the Ferrari California. The California has those pointless back seats but is better suited to the GT role, as unlike the F430 Spyder or the 458 Italia, it has sat-nav. The Lambo is definitely what I'd put my money on and RedBook suggests you could pickup a '08 model with the LSD on all corners for ~$300k... and it looks the bomb in black!

As usual, you can't watch BBC programs online from Australia and Top Gear haven't published it yet to YouTube, so we're left with whatever car enthusiasts can publish themselves.

The full episode can be found in Parts 1 through 4, but the best scene is this one in higher resolution:

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